About Mara

Your Qualified Laughter Leader

Mara Kirk-Reynolds, known for her expertise in Bath, Corsham and Bradford on Avon in teaching Pilates (pilates-bath.co.uk) has added a new string to her bow.

Anyone who has taken part in her Pilates classes knows that she has a great sense of humour, fun and playfulness and she has decided to put this to good use in a structured class for laughter, fun and joy where you have the opportunity to allow yourself to reacquaint yourself and indulge in your very own childlike sense of playfulness.

Taking part in a Laughter Club session is very physical.  Mara is a very experienced teacher, and  feels totally comfortable leading a group in physical activity - she's done this for most of her working life.

Mara has an Honours Degree from the University of London in the Art and Science of Movement, and has worked with children in schools and with adults in hospitals.  For the last 15 years she has worked as a Pilates instructor, mainly with adults.  She has taught classes as diverse as groups of post-natal women with their babies, to Bath Rugby Club.

With such a broad experience, she has gained insight into what makes people tick.  She is sensitive and kind and is a good leader.  She understands that not everyone finds certain tasks easy and has patiently guided many of her clients to what might have at first seemed unattainable success.  Mara's very broad experience enhances her ability to run the first ever Laughter Club in Bath.

Mara is a bit of a maverick!  She was the first Pilates instructor ever in Bath, and is now the first Laughter Leader ever in Bath.  She is delighted to announce that she is a fully qualified Laughter Leader.  She was trained by the Laughter Network which is endorsed by Dr Madan Kataria who founded the very first Laughter Club in the world, in Mumbai in 1995.  You can see her certificate when you attend the Laughter Club.

For some time now, Mara had realised that we all take life far too seriously and that we seem to spend less and less time actually laughing and living a life of simple pleasures - laughing is a very simple pleasure in which we can all indulge.  Life throws pain and difficulties to all of us at some point in our lives, and it is only us who can really retrieve ourselves out of whatever mire we find ourselves in.  Mara thought that Laughter seemed like a pretty good path down which to travel in order to lift up your spirits, so it is the path she chose to take to be able to offer to others.

Laughing is good for all of us, so attending the Laughter Club in Bath is a win-win situation.  This is why Mara has set the cost of her classes at a very affordable price, so as many people as possible can benefit from Laughing.  This is her opportunity to reach out to the public and offer a very positive contribution to peoples' lives.